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I'm a boring 17 year-old girl with a brain for world history and computers. I'm addicted to music, most of my drawing is inspired by it. I have a weird obsession with David from The Lost Boys...and most other Keifer Sutherland chars. I'm on a billion other sites but here are just a few;

Chicken Smoothie: Shirosashi
Scratch: Fironic
Counter-Strike Portable: WarDog
FelisFire Beta: Schweigen DesWindes
Dragonrealm: MaskedDeath
KeyQuest: .Soul:Stalk.
Webkinz: orgando

I'm still very active on all of these. I'm a mod's helper on Dragonrealm, I work with Egyptian Hawk on assorted problems; disputes between players in Gameplay, spam, bots, etc. But mainly we get rid of bullying sitewide. If you know Hawk, please shoot her a thank you for her contributions in keeping the internet safe. You can contact me any time for help with in-game problems, or f you just need someone to talk to. I won't bite :)
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